Data Stories



In Data Stories we aim to explore how people engage with data. We work on solutions that help make data more relevant, more interactive, and more easily shared.

In the post-truth society we live in experts must find novel ways to bring data to citizens. Data must entertain as well as inform, and excite as well as educate.

Data Stories will look at novel frameworks and technologies for bringing data to people through art, games, and storytelling. It will examine the impact that varying levels of localisation, topicalisation, participation, and shareability have on the engagement of the general public with factual evidence. This can refer to different forms of digital content derived and repurposed from a variety of sources.

We aim to deliver tools and guidance that community and civic groups need to achieve broader participation and support for their initiatives at local and national level, and empower artists, designers, statisticians, analysts, and journalists to communicate with data.

We aim to propose a data experience framework supported by models, algorithms, and guidelines that help individuals and groups in creating bespoke, participatory content (for example, art, games, and stories, from data). The framework design will be informed by practice-led research in three main areas:

  • finding and enriching data
  • generating content
  • sharing and engaging with content

We draw upon methods from several disciplines: data and content management; machine learning; human data interaction; game design and gamification; crowdsourcing; online communities; social and political sciences; creative writing; visual arts and others.