Data Games

Bar Chart Ball is a data-game based on the work of Julian Togelius ; players have to navigate the bar chart by changing the attribute displayed. Does this help people remember what data they’ve seen? Play it for yourself and find out!


Neurodiversity and data

As part of our work on what data means to different communities, and how different communities interact with data that is relevant to them, we have partnered with the Tribes, Treasure Hunts & Truth Seekers event at Birmingham Open Media, which included a number of activities centering around “what makes you, you” and how that relates to the data we see in the world around us.

Viral Data

How does data spread across social media? Are there certain features that make it more likely to go viral? We are in the process of collecting social media posts about data to not only determine what makes these “interesting” to a given audience, but also to train a machine-learning classifier to predict what sorts of data-posts spread the furthest and fastest.

Elena Simperl – Data Stories Seminar

To be announced.